The card loan examination is unexpectedly a lot! Also easy to lie best

“Lies like a snowball in a korogaseba long time rolls than larger. “
That is what will lead in the direction called lies one lie, so that the words, my situation getting worse.
There are many people to lie and good examination results card review or influence.
Is to conduct an examination of consumer finance and banking, so patterns of lying will get nervous easily.
Many people at this time lies show ranking.
What will happen to lie in loans? Let’s look at what would happen then to lie in loans.
Found to lie and of course it is understandable that the examination of the loans is reduced.
If lie secret to have attended the examination and the fact that borrowed money at a later date lies caught contract cancellation in time, having to refund money after caching is forced to.
You sign up for is the “professional review”.
Don’t lie is better.
In loans for just bale gone end up, examination card in lie TOP5 often lie, Barre by ranking are presented in easy-to-order.
Lies with loans reviewed, honestly 100% Valle gone end up with is better prepared.
Due to the money lending business law was amended completely in 2010, consumer financial strict criteria further reviewed the background.
1st lie about personal information, will be submitted later identification easy in Barre got will get blue.
Asked to note here is I think fairly few people here tell a lie is “lie” rather than “typos”.
Do typing mistakes, lies and equal treatment, would be screening fell.
NET application you will most likely to typo patterns are.
Before applying for a review once again, your mistake.
Sign up for your PC to the phone application and easy-to-prevent mistakes and smart phones, and prone to typo.
It prevents mistakes because if you apply over the phone, not at time of purchase.
Disturbed person take a look at the credit-card loans by phone.
Become better at information in the workplace are working second easily with the student review is at the end of the audit to be working not working and like company, sign up for bale got collapse..
Using fake companies might to avoid the student see a counterfeit company have behalf of enrollment confirmation and you will get caught on fraud charges for the worst.
Please do not use fake companies.
3rd owe much money from third-party debt situation or a third-party debt situation loans results will be affected.
Easily apply third-party debt in fact less than the lie bale got will get blue.
It is from “credit information” is seen in the examination of consumer finance and banking.
“Credit information”, clearly third-party loan amount from a number of third-party debt financing is provided.
It is impossible to lie here.
It is to evaluate the “subjective” what I say, but how do you know in the examination of the credentials to enter third-party debt situation in the examination, applicants are now how much money you owe.
Fourth income income is directly connected to the ability to pay, so is treated as a very important information in.
If you are many who tell a lie in the income information, income certificate seen the lie will be 見nuka in 1 shot.
Income certificate, not may lie for caching small number 100000 Yen if somewhat implied that.
Providing years of residence in the living years loans review fifth.
The longer the length of time review is favorable.
Lying about the length of time that information on identification and credit information remained in the third after bale got end up often.
Telling lies in the examination in loans to lie rather in the examination against become even a little put the ostentatious in their information, it becomes more advantageous to the examination will be lovingly as the desire.
But the lie was caught said that review is unfavorable falls at the examination is rather tell a lie in the examination.
To be sure, “passing on their information to the examination of…” and many people are concerned.
But look at us from the May 10-minute information at first glance seems to fell through in the examination of consumer finance and bank loans.
Are all painful unless it was a very bad lie.
Not only lied in loans, such as earnings and length of service was illegal and yelled.
The application using the malicious lie and the camouflage company even if it is a different story.
However, lies a simple application but that “lied” about credit information firm will still exist.
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